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Phone : (07) 3376 5633
“When food mysteriously goes
Chances are that Pussy knows
More than she leads you to suppose
And hence there is no need for you
If puss declines a meal or two,
To feel her pulse and make ado”
A Cats Conscience (Anon)

We have a great team working
together to give you and your pet the best care that you deserve.
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The Team

Consultation hours

Our consulting hours are:
  • Monday–Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sundays and after hours please contact
    our emergencies number 33765633.


Our Petshop is open:

  • Monday-Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

Consulting Times

Welcome to Sinnamon Park Vet
and Pet Emporium

Sinnamon Park Vet was established at the Homemaker Centre, Jindalee in 2003 by
Dr Scott Snellgrove and
Dr Gerry King.

In 2005 the surgery relocated inside the Centre also adding a petshop to become Sinnamon Park Vet and Pet Emporium.

The petshop provides a selection of quality, effective and road-tested products along with expert professional advice. Combining many years of Veterinary experience both within Australia and abroad with a wide range of services, we aim to provide a comprehensive yet caring
one-stop facility.

In 2008 Dr Snellgrove took over ownership of the practice as Dr King semi-retired to concentrate on other Veterinary interests. Our aim is provide an integrative approach toward medicine combining standard medical and surgical therapies with nutritional, acupuncture or herbal options where appropriate.